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HO8 Insurance is usually called "older home" insurance. This policy reimburses homeowners for damage on an actual cash value which means replacement cost less depreciation. But for some older homes full replacement cost policies may not be available.

The HO8 home owner insurance will cover the dwelling structure and personal property from the 11 perils named on the HO-1. The HO-8 is an important forms for historic and/or architectural aspects which make a home's replacement cost significantly higher than the market value of the house.

This home owner insurance is a counterpart to the HO4 renter's policy. A dwelling fire policy is generally available for non-commercial owners of rented houses, covering property damage to the structure, and sometimes to the owner's personal property (such as appliances and furnishings). The owner's liability is usually extended to owner's primary home insurance, and does not cover part of the Dwelling Fire policy.

HO8 Insurance quote is usually used for higher value homes that have unique features, such as complex moldings, that cannot be effectively replaced with modern construction techniques or materials. Get information on the HO8 insurance policy now. Quotes and average rates on HO8 insurance plans are available here.